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Hi Jim,

I am writing you to say to you that I am very happy to be by Chris and Angelica they are very nice.
And I am happy because that I do in my placement is that I have to learn for my exam.

Thank you for all.

Have a good day.



From Marta Proveda a Spanish student May 2009

I´m Marta Poveda from Spain. I came to England last October with a scholarship. Jim was my partner from England. He help me a lot, he found me a place for live and a nice family, in a conference centre in a town call Stone near Stoke on Trent. Also a good job in which I could improve my english and I learned many skills than help me in my life.
Thank you for all, Marta Poveda.

From JA Daian April 2009
Yes it was very very nice, thanks for that, i have really enjoyed it! I spent very good times in England and I hope i will can come back again soon My housemate will visit me during the sumer
Thanks Jim
From Thomas Caucigh Feb 2008
Since November 2007 I am working with a great Video producer in the UK as a marketing consultant. I am helping to launch a new product.
During this 6 months placement I am improving my English and enjoy my work with my colleagues.
Thanks to EBE, I got a paid placement in only 2 weeks!

Pierre Dussaucy ESTA

Hello Jim,

How are you ? I hope everything is good for you and your business

I’m doing my last year at the ESTA and it’s going good. I will be in Paris for my placement next March before getting my diploma.

I wish you a merry Christmas, Jim. I often remind how much you helped me last year and one more time: thank you very much.

See you soon

Pierre Dussaucy

Norbert worked for Trelawney Ltd

Hi Jim,

I really want to thank you for everything. You have succeeded to negotiate a new placement in Trelawny this summer, so all my difficulties and worries in the beginning of this year will be forgotten.

More, my work and my placement will be validated by ESTA so, all my efforts will be rewarded.

Moreover, I'm really happy because this placement is definitely interesting, and people are very friendly, I therefore really enjoy to go there again.

Thank you very much

Best regards


Marlene a French student from ESTA

Hi Jim,

My first week to Physioways wa very good. I have integrated heather's company.
I live in Glen and Naomi's house. They are very nice.

Almudena a Spanish student working in Notttingham

Almudena a Spanish student working in Notttingham

Hi, Jim How are you? I am sure that you are missing me...jjj. Sorry for not answering before. This is more or less what i did this week, I have been learning the use of different programs: Joamla, to put information on the website, the Sony Sound Forge, to edit video, and I've edited several postcards, Pamela and skype, I have designed some covers in Adobe photoshop, I laid out several articles about Rob's books with Adobe Indesign. Yesterday I went with him to a conference about strengths, today I have rated the views of people who attended the conference in Microsoft Excel and I have sent emails to improve his customer relations management. Thanks and I hope than this is usefull. Bye

Matthieu Boyer works for Wilson Fine Wines

Thank you very much for my work placement. It's really great, Mr and Mrs Wilson are so nice! They are very plesant with me and they help me to improve my english very well... I'm confident when I go back to France, my English will be fluent.
In addition, they are lending me a car and a mobile phone. They are so friendly...
Thank you also for your coaching, which has helped me to find this very good job.

See you soon

Matthieu Boyer

Danielle Ndawo (ESIDEC - France), trainee as purchasing manager Healus Ltd

I want to thank Jim O'Neill for the excellent placement in Healus Ltd. This placement gives me the opportunities to learn about the business, improve my skills and knowledge in various field (purchasing, finance, marketing, office administration...) and my English language. I'm really enjoying it.

Altough I was in France, he was in constant contact with me, supporting, motivating, encouraging me and when it came to crunch he delivered exactly what I expected: a placement as purchasing manager in a start up company.

I found Jim O'Neill to be well organised, and always on hand when I needed advice and assistance.

He is extremely professional and helpful beyond my all expectations.He is the most brilliant, fantastic, friendly person I have ever met.

I was really impressed and I would recommend EBE to anybody I know who is seeking a placement or employment.

I cannont highly speak enough about EBE they are simply excellent.

Go ahead... you can get a great job

François Kisel

Is was helpful to know that I had a good accommodation while I did the training. In my placement, I am using my IT and Marketing skills.