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EBE is a provider of mainly European students on short-term projects for UK companies. The students have language skills in English, German, French, Spanish and others.

Most of them are in the third year of a degree and have to undertake a placement in the UK for between three and twelve months.
Some are graduates and some are post-graduates.

The students come from all disciplines and can work in: IT, Sales, Marketing, Design, Finance, Administration, Engineering, Catering...

Market Care
used a student to create a database of potential customers. This information was then used to make contact using direct marketing techniques in order to grow their business

Cartridge World
needed help on sales/marketing and practical work. Their student answered the telephone, re-filled cartridges and helped on specific marketing activities.

employed a student to undertake an engineering research project

Andrew Wilson Fine Wines has employed three students at various times! They have worked on sales, wine tasting events, accounts, web site, marketing and lifting crates!!