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Listed below is a range of testimonials from clients who have used EBE students this year.

Sorry I haven't been in touch, since Julian finished our website we submitted it to Google and have been having a new enquiry every couple of days.

As you can understand because of this we are back logged with engineering work and new production.

Greth Bruce

Well done Jim!

I have to say that Francois-Xavier is the most impressive student I have ever seen. He did Mark Dickenson’s 10 minute presentation last week at Stone BNI; no small feat for a young guy in a foreign language!

With confidence like that, I think that this young man has a great future…

Kind regards


Andrew Wilson Wines Ltd.
The Old School House
Stone Road

Healus Technology

Healus Technology is a small start-up company, which is hoping to create a manufacturing facility in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Combining this work with a full-time job has proved difficult for the owner, Adri Hartveld. He needed IT, Marketing and Research help. So he turned to EBE to provide him with students to do the job for him.
Firstly Danielle was selected to work on the company's business plan. She developed a spreadsheet which created a cash flow budget to help plan the business. Then she started to work on the accounts creating a trading profit and loss account and balance sheet for the business.
Pleased with success of one student, Adri employed another!
Damien Kimbler is from France and is in the middle of a Business and Technology degree at a French business school. Adri selected Damien for his market research knowledge and his marketing expertise. He was been working on the firm's overseas marketing plan.

Adri Hartveld managing director of Healus says "Both students have worked really well. The interview process is effective"

Richard Swancott of Market Care

Market Care is run by Richard Swancott. In order to expand his business he has to expand his marketing activity, however Richard has little time to do this. Instead of using expensive consultants, he turned to EBE for a work placement student.
After studying some cvs Richard selected Laurent Villaret to work as a marketing assistant in this public relations organisation. He has been developing a database of potential customers for Market Care, carrying out market research and working on the firm's website. He has evaluated the site, made some recommendations and prepared a report for Richard's use.

Richard Swancott said: "I am very happy with the service provided, the work done and the cost of Laurent.
He is carrying out a vitally important exercise for me which, because of scarce ressource, I couldn't do in any other way."

Mark Pedley of Stonethrow

Stephanie did a magnificient job. I would recommend any employer to employ a student.

Adgifts Online

"I am very happy with Celine my French marketing student" says Tony Altshom, Senior Partner of Adgifts Online, "she processes sales enquiries, uses the telephone well. She is a very effective member of our team."