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Testimonial from Chloe Stahn of Strasbourg
Hi Jim,

I am writing you to say to you that I am very happy to be by Chris and Angelica they are very nice.
And I am happy because that I do in my placement is that I have to learn for my exam.

Thank you for all.

Have a good day.



Testimonial from Chloe's Stahn's teacher
> Hi Jim !
> I was just about to drop you a few words.
> Chloe emailed me yesterday and she seemed really very happy, enthusiastic.
> She enjoyed all the things you showed her, loves the family she is
> staying with, and is ready to start work. She even said that her
> English was already improving !
> I am pretty busy at the moment, but I'll do my utmost to come and
> visit her - and you - in June.
> Thank you for everything you did for her.
> Let's keep in touch.


If you are interested click the link.